Vibe Tribe Chronicles: Iceland October 15 2014, 0 Comments

When it comes to Iceland, we are pretty sure Mother Nature felt like showing off.

Ok so what do we most remember about Iceland from our elementary school geography lessons? Iceland is green, Greenland is ice. Besides that little factoid, we thought Iceland would be an exotic stop however it wasn't until we actually experienced it that we fully grasped all it's glory and it is time to spread the word: Visit Iceland. There are certain places you visit in this world that take a little piece of your soul...this is one of them.

Why Iceland is awesome:

Mountains, waterfalls, volcanos, glaciers, geysers, hot springs, lava fields, black sand beaches, geothermal pools…all these natural gems Iceland so gracefully offers up are easily accessible to the everyday traveler and beautifully laced thru long winding roads and an endless blue sky. Our on adventure, we hiked behind the glorious Sejalandsfoss Waterfall, got up real close to the amazing Skogafoss Waterfall, walked around erupting geysers, and stood below an active volcano. We explored the eerie wreckage of an abandoned U.S. Navy aircraft on a glorious black sand beach and went on a glacier walk which felt like we had just landed on Mars. That was just day one. Truth. We highly recommend our new friends at Icelimo Travel ( as they will take you to all the regular stops on the standard Golden Circle Tour and then beyond as noted above, all in a private tour setting. We found it well worth the expense.
Route 1 (the main road circling all of the Island), the vast lava fields, and lava caves. Whatta drive. The landscapes, the light, the colors, and the vastness of the landscapes while driving Route 1 and in stopping off to hike the lava fields all along the way was so incredibly humbling and beautiful it literally brought us to tears. You know that sense and feeling, that visceral reaction one gets while in majestic wild places? Multiple that times 12. Oh, and the road loops the entire island making it pretty hard to get lost. 
Somewhere in the middle of a gorgeous lava field in Western Iceland, the midnight sun lightening up the sky, it hit us: Iceland may be a nature lover’s holy grail and an explorer’s dream. Throughout summer, Iceland is bathed in continuous sunlight. Endless sunlight = extended playtime. Our theory was further validated as we realized the most dangerous animal perusing the land while we were out exploring was the plump little bumblebee. No lions. No tigers. No bears.

Feeling even more adventurous? Ante up.  Dive into deep crystal blue pools and scuba dive between tectonic plates at the Continental Divide. We missed out on our chance to do the latter but we are not stressing it too much as there is no doubt we will be back. After all, this time we basked in the endless daylight. Next time, we will go back, when the night takes over the days, to witness the Northern Lights. Yep, add that in as another little gem. Remember to keep the change in season in mind as you plan your trip. 

It's much closer than many realize. It is just a quick 5.5 hour flight from Boston or 7 hours from Sanford Florida on Icelandair. Yep. Really.

And we have only just scratched the surface on all Iceland has to offer.

We haven't even touched on Reykjavik city center, the fjords, the whale watching, the puffins, the fishing excursions, or talked about the beauty of its people. That would merit a whole other post. This visit, we chose to end our travels with a dip in the Blue Lagoon, a warm sky blue geothermal pool and spa located in the middle of a jet black lava field. The rich contrast of natural colors at this spot - the water, the lava rock, the sky...felt like we had just stumbled upon a side door to Heaven. The Blue Lagoon lies between Reykjavik Airport and city central so most visitors stop in on their way in or out. Ladies - if you are taking a dip, just remember to keep your hair up or apply extra conditioner as the minerals in the water can drastically dry up your hair.

Iceland is magic.

Since our visit, we've heard it said there are no photos or words that can truly capture the unique beauty of the Iceland experience and to us, that is undeniably true. Iceland could possibly be one of the most beautiful places on Earth but we haven’t been everywhere just yet….  we are working on that. Oh, and whatever you do, don’t leave Iceland without grabbing the Icelandic pylsa (hot dog) and a Coke (bottled with pure Icelandic water and sugar). You can find them at local stands bearing the bright red slogan "Íslendingar borða SS pylsur" which means "Icelanders eat SS pylsur"....SS being the most popular brand. Clever huh? Trust us on this one. You, like us, may be stocking up on all the ingredients at Reykjavik Airport on your way out to make sure your family and friends get to experience this deliciousness when you get back home. And we don't even like hot dogs. You won’t regret it. 


Travel Resources: Airline - Icelandair   Tour Company  - Icelimo Travel Blue Lagoon -  Other: Check out the landscapes in "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" - shot primarily in Iceland.